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Bison Moving Day: A Major Milestone Preserving American History at Chickasaw National Park

A Piece of American History

Bison have long been a symbol of the American West and hold a special place in our cultural heritage. These majestic animals played a crucial role in the history of the American frontier and continue to be an important part of our natural heritage today. With the rise of industrialization and the near extinction of bison due to overhunting in the past century, it is crucial that we take steps to preserve these magnificent animals for future generations.

Bison Moving Day

Recently, Cross Timbers Bison had the opportunity to help with a bison moving day at Chickasaw National Recreation Area. It was an exciting and important event that involved moving the park's bison herd to a new 42-acre plot of land. The event was organized and executed with precision and care, with the National Park Service staff ensuring that the animals were moved quickly to avoid any undue stress.

The Journey Begins

The day began with a briefing from the National Park Service staff, emphasizing the importance of moving the bison quickly and minimizing the time they spent in confinement. The Cross Timbers Bison team quickly made their way to the bison pens, where most of the bison had already been loaded into the trailer. Witnessing the last bison being loaded onto the trailer was an incredible sight to see, as the massive animal calmly made its way up the ramp and into the trailer.

A New Home for the Bison

Once the bison had been loaded onto the trailer, it was time to move them to their new pasture. The journey was short, but it was important to handle the bison with care. Upon arrival, the team released the bison into their new home. The new pasture had been specifically prepared for the bison, and the team was thrilled to see the animals roaming around their new space, enjoying the fresh air and open fields.

Preserving American History

Bison moving day was an exciting and important event that highlighted the need to preserve our natural heritage. Through the hard work and dedication of organizations like Cross Timbers Bison and the National Park Service, we can ensure that these magnificent animals continue to thrive and play an important role in our cultural history. By caring for these animals and their habitats, we can help ensure that bison remain a vital part of American history for generations to come.

Best regards,

The Cross Timbers Bison Ranch Team

PS: Don’t forget to check out the full episode of this experience if you missed it!

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3 commentaires

Jim Brownlee
Jim Brownlee
09 août 2023

Have watched bison on other shows before yours but yiy are the best from Lois


So enjoy watching your lives as Bison ranchers. Will keep the locations to view them in the wild as I take camping trips.



Donna Burgie
Donna Burgie
20 mai 2023

What a wonderful thing you guys are doing. Keep bringing Buffaloes back.

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