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Crazy Eyes Count Down! Waiting for her to calve

Welcome back to Cross Timers Bison Ranch! In this episode, Marisa and I have been closely monitoring one of our beloved bison cows, Crazy Eyes, a resident of our Big Joe herd. Crazy Eyes, as we affectionately call her, has been showing signs of nearing calving season, and we're here to share our concerns and excitement with you!

The Concern for Crazy Eyes

Crazy Eyes, or the "32 cow" as we refer to her, is a special member of our bison family. She's not only one of our favorite-looking cows, but her demeanor and attitude make her quite unique. However, this year, she hasn't had a calf yet, which has us a bit worried. Let's dive into the signs we look for when a bison is about to calve:

-The Bag (Udder): Bison udders don't sag like those of other cattle, so we need to closely examine how full it looks. A full udder is a sign of impending calving.

-Lady Parts: Without getting too graphic, we keep an eye on specific changes in a bison's reproductive organs, such as swelling, which indicates they're preparing to give birth.

-Belly: The most obvious sign is the dropping of the belly, indicating that the calf is getting ready to make its entrance into the world. You can also observe changes in their hips.

We've noticed Crazy Eyes displaying these signs for some time now, which has led us to believe she's about to give birth any day. Bison are typically self-sufficient when it comes to calving, but given the difficulties we faced this past summer, we've decided to be extra cautious and provide assistance if necessary.

The Unexpected Calving Season

Typically, bison calve in May and June, but Crazy Eyes situation is a bit unusual. Her calving season has extended into October, which is quite a departure from the norm. However, we understand that nature sometimes has its own plans. We keep our bulls with the herds year-round, and while this may occasionally lead to unexpected births, we'd rather have them in the cooler weather of October than the sweltering heat of July and August.

The Exciting Surprise

But now, let's switch gears and reveal the exciting addition to our ranch – our new ranch rig! It's a 78 International Scout, and we've been keeping it a secret for a while. While it needs a little TLC, it's already serving its purpose on the ranch. We've got plans to remove the top to make it even more versatile and bison-friendly.


As we continue to keep a watchful eye on Crazy Eyes and eagerly await her calf's arrival, we hope you enjoyed this glimpse into the daily life of a bison ranch. Nature has its own timeline, and sometimes, we must adapt to unexpected situations. Stay tuned for updates on Crazy Eyes impending calf, and we'll see you soon on the Cross Timers Bison Ranch!


The Cross Timbers Bison Ranch Team

Here is a link to the video in case you missed it!

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