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Critters, Roundups, and Sunset Serenity

Howdy, Dusty back at the Ponderosa, and I've got some exciting updates to share with you about our recent adventures at Cross Timbers Bison Ranch.

Unexpected Guests:

First things first, we've got a critter situation on our hands, and I'm not too thrilled about it. Big Joe, the charismatic Bison, has been wreaking havoc on the cedar trees. I caught him in the act, and let me tell you, it's quite a sight. These Bison sure know how to keep us on our toes.

Family Update with Peaches and Big Joe:

Now, the whole Baker family isn't with me today, but we've got Peaches and Big Joe stealing the spotlight. Big Joe, with his playful antics, is pushing everyone around, even getting into my deer block. The rugged charm of our Bison is on full display, and you won't want to miss it.

Texas 11 Cow's Surprise Run:

In an unexpected turn of events, the Texas 11 cow decided to give Maya, our trusty dog, a run for her money. You've got to see the adrenaline-pumping moment when Maya got a surprise visit from the Texas 11 cow. Bison antics are always keeping us entertained and, occasionally, on our toes!

Calf Check and Bison Shenanigans:

Moving on to the main event – the Bison herd and their adorable calves. We're doing a herd check, and the calves are growing like weeds. I'm thrilled with their size, and we might be looking at some of the biggest calves we've had. Join me as we marvel at the Bison mothers and their little ones, with Big Joe making a cameo appearance, of course.

Ranch Projects and Tree Salvage:

Taking a stroll through the Burn Unit, we've got exciting projects in the pipeline. From repairing zones to protecting the creek banks, we're committed to sustainable ranching practices. Oh, and stay tuned for a salvaging mission of a massive Cottonwood tree – I've got plans for that beauty.

Roundup Prep and Sunset Serenity:

The highlight of the season – the Bison Roundup. I'm gearing up with friends and family for a unique roundup experience, and I can't wait to share it with you. But before we embark on this adventure, let's take a moment to appreciate the breathtaking sunsets that adorn the Ponderosa. The fall hues, the Arbuckle Mountains – it's a magical time on the ranch.

Closing Thoughts:

Thanks for joining me on this Bison-filled journey at Cross Timbers Bison Ranch. Stay tuned for more updates, as we navigate unexpected critters, prepare for the roundup, and soak in the serene beauty of sunset on the Ponderosa. Until next time, Bison enthusiasts – stay wild and free!


The Cross Timbers Bison Ranch Team

Here is a link to the video in case you missed it!

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