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Frosty Mornings, New Calves, and Bison Antics

Howdy, Dusty Baker here, your guide to the happenings at Cross Timbers Bison Ranch.

Frosty Mornings and Big Joe's Wild Hair:

First things first, we're greeted by the cold embrace of the first morning frost. Big Joe, our resident character with a wild hairdo, is out and about, showcasing his unique combover style. The chilly Oklahoma morning doesn't seem to bother him, but you can see vapor escaping from the truck, a clear sign of the crispness in the air.

Bison Roundup with Big Joe and Marisa:

As the frost glistens, we embark on a Bison roundup adventure with Big Joe leading the way. Marisa and I are on the scene, and our manual cube feeder is ready for action. The Bison are rounded up, and the herd follows us like a pack of excited maniacs, eager for some morning cubes. Oh, and did I mention Big Joe's hair gets a frosty touch too?

32 and Her New Calf:

In the midst of the roundup, we get a heartwarming surprise. Our beloved 32, a special Bison with a flair for drama, has welcomed a new addition to the family. A healthy, fluffy calf is by her side, and the relief is palpable. We share the joy of this new life on the ranch, capturing precious moments of 32 and her little one.

Pasture Adventures and Territory Marking:

With the Bison let loose into pasture three, the antics unfold. We catch glimpses of bucks marking their territory, a sure sign that winter is approaching. Exploring the expanse of the ranch, we encounter nature in its purest form, observing the subtle signs and behaviors of our Bison and the local wildlife.

I also take a moment to clarify some points about our horse, Cora. There's been talk about starting to ride her at the age of two, and I want to assure everyone that it's a gradual process. We care deeply about Cora's well-being, and we're not pushing her into anything she's not ready for. So, let's set the record straight and ensure everyone knows Cora is in good hands.

Winter Coats, Jackie the Dog, and Future Bison Calves:

As the seasons change, we observe the Bison getting their winter coats. Cora is growing her long hair, and Jackie, our loyal dog, keeps a watchful eye over the herd. I take a moment to share our plans for future Bison calves, emphasizing our commitment to the well-being of our animals.

Closing Thoughts:

Thank you, for joining me at Cross Timbers Bison Ranch. We've witnessed frosty mornings, celebrated new life, and enjoyed the simple pleasures of ranch living. Stay tuned for more from the ranch, until next time.


The Cross Timbers Bison Ranch Team

Here is a link to the video in case you missed it!

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Ashbury name for Your new calf.

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