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New Faces and New Growth at Cross Timbers Bison Ranch

Hey there, Cross Timbers Bison followers!

Today we’re thrilled to bring you the latest news from the ranch, along with an update from our prescribed burn last fall.

As you know, we're a family-owned bison ranch nestled in the rolling hills of Oklahoma, dedicated to preserving the Great Plains ecosystem and raising happy, healthy bison.

Today, we'll be sharing the highlights from a recent visit we had from some very important guests - the natural resource groups and firefighter associations who helped us with the big 80 acre burn on our back pastures last fall.

They returned to check on the progress of the ecosystem regrowth since the burn and to take some soil samples. But first, we had to introduce them to our furry friends!

Before we headed down to the burn pasture, we took a moment to visit with our free-ranging chickens and other characters on the ranch.

Introducing Cora - The Newest Member of our Ranch Family

We couldn't resist introducing them to the newest member of our ranch family, Cora! She's a beautiful buckskin Filly horse, and she loves to walk with you like a lost puppy dog while chasing nose and ear scratches.

Checking on the Progress of the Ecosystem Regrowth

Last fall, natural resource groups and firefighter associations helped us with a big 80 acre burn on our back pastures.

Six months later, they have returned to check on the progress of the ecosystem regrowth since the burn and to take some soil samples. Here's what they found:

Improved Pasture Conditions: Thanks to the power of fire and some recent rain, the woody brush that had been choking out the pasture has been replaced with native grasses that are coming back stronger than ever!

Bye-Bye Blackberry Thickets: The overwhelming amount of blackberry thickets and cedar trees have mostly vanished and made room for native species to return.

Happy Bison: The environmental scientists and woodland firefighters who joined us were thrilled to see the bison in their natural environment.

Sharing the Results of the Surveys

During their visit, the environmental scientists and woodland firefighters took various environmental and scientific surveys of the entire ecosystem. They were very excited to see the recovery progress Mother Nature has made since the fires. We're excited to share some of the results with you in a future video when they come back with their findings.

Feeding the Big Joe Herd Treat Cubes

Before the group left, we gave them the rare opportunity to hand feed the Big Joe herd treat cubes. It was a fun and memorable experience for everyone involved and we were happy to share our piece of paradise with the conservationists that are helping to restore our native environments.

Wrapping Up

We feel grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such great people and organizations who are dedicated to restoring our natural environments and protecting our wildlife. We can't thank everyone involved enough.

Thank you for supporting our herd and being a part of the Cross Timbers Bison Ranch community. Until next time, keep your eyes peeled for more exciting updates from the ranch!


The Cross Timbers Bison Ranch Team

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I recently started following you on Youtube and would like to know the backstory... I see your first Blog post in 2019, but nothing between then and 2023. Where can I find things like What's the deal with Hoss. Where did you get Big Joe? Is there something wrong with Eleanor's left horn? What breed of dog is Jackie? I really enjoy your videos but feel like I'm missing something.


Nov 09, 2023

I found a bison farm here in Virginia

near Culpepper, Va . I've never been there but doing some research and found it. Wont give up on watching CTB

they dont advertise that I know of

their farm.

All blessings to Dusty and family.

love watching Daniel and Dejay also.


Apr 26, 2023

Watching the shows is my enjoyment that I look forward to every day Thanks to God for your love of bison. I have Bison statues and pictures iny home I decorated on Cowboys and Indians and the west. take care.

Granny G Geri


Apr 26, 2023

I would love to travel to Oklahoma someday to see the bison. Dunbar

is a hoot Big Joe just himself. Eleanor deserves your love and attention. I would love to meet your sister and her family someday too.

God willing because Im handicap.

Watching CTB, Arms Family. Do your Best. thank you


Way to go - Cross Timbers Bison Ranch. Enjoy every video. Greetings from California.

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