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Ponderosa Prep Work - We are getting set up for the biggest working yet!

Howdy, bison enthusiasts! Welcome back to Cross Timers Bison, where Dusty and the crew are gearing up for another exciting day of bison wrangling. In this chilly and eventful adventure, join us as we witness the challenges, rewards, and unexpected surprises of managing the massive Big Joe herd and its colorful characters.

Chilly and Muddy: A Day in the Bison Life

As the crew gathers on a cold, wet day, it's clear that the Bison are ready for some action. Meet Hoss, Dunbar, and the mischievous Maya, who seem to be particularly pumped for the day's activities. With a herd as diverse as this, anything can happen, and Dusty is here to guide us through the day's goals.

The Mighty Panels: Welding Woes and Bison Repairs

Before the main event, Kevin is hard at work welding panels that have seen better days. Dusty walks us through the challenges of maintaining freestanding panels, showcasing the difference between those built by a reliable source and those in need of a little TLC. It's a behind-the-scenes look at the less glamorous side of ranch life—repairing someone else's handiwork.

The Hay Bail Strategy: Feeding the Herd and a Sneak Peek

With panels in the works, Dusty takes us to the field where he strategically places a hay bail for Dunbar, Hoss, and the females he plans to sell. The bison's excitement is noticeable as they approach, anticipating some fresh hay and CUBES! While Dusty talks about the strategy, we catch a glimpse of some of the bison characters, including the playful Maya and the majestic Heifer tag 145.

Panel Predicaments: A Quick Update

As Dusty showcases the remaining hay and discusses the success of the strategically placed hay bail and cubes, he gives us a closer look at Dunbar's impressive recovery from an eye injury. Meanwhile, Kevin continues to work on repairing the panels, emphasizing the importance of reliable construction in managing these powerful creatures.

ATV Antics: Round 'Em Up, Bison Style

Now it's showtime! The crew, armed with an ATV and a bag of cubes, sets out to round up the Big Joe herd. The anticipation is high as Dusty, Marisa, Brooks, and Cole aim to guide the bison towards their destination. It's a dance of cooperation, strategic moves, and a little bit of bison psychology.


In an unexpected turn of events, the bison make Dusty's job surprisingly easy, walking right up to the ATV. Dusty discusses the reward system of cubes and showcases the stunning sunset that graces the ranch. With Big Joe and Dunbar reunited, it's a successful end to a day of bison roundup.

A Mysterious Eleanor: The Lone Holdout

As the day wraps up, the only mystery left is Eleanor, the elusive bison who remains uncaptured. Dusty explains the plan to catch her the next day for proper care, leaving us eager to discover more about this independent member of the herd.

Conclusion: Unpredictable Adventures on Ponderosa Ranch

As the sun sets on another day at Cross Timers Bison, we reflect on the challenges, triumphs, and the unpredictable nature of working with these magnificent creatures. Stay tuned for more updates, escapades, and the ongoing fun at Ponderosa Ranch—the place where bison dreams and rancher resilience come together. Y'all come back now!


The Cross Timbers Bison Ranch Team

In case you missed the video, here is the link to check out!

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Dusty if you don't know how, You need to learn to weld around there.


14 avr.

Dusty & Melissa & Brooke

So heartbroken for Elanor's loss of her calf.

I love your love of the bison and care.

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