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Elevate your grilling game with our Rancher Box, packed with premium cuts and ready-to-cook delights from the great American plains. Perfect for backyard barbecues or gourmet dinners, this collection is designed to satisfy your cravings for quality and flavor. Each piece is carefully selected and expertly prepared to ensure a memorable grilling experience.


1 - Boneless Ribeye: Enjoy the richness and marbling of our boneless ribeye steaks. Each steak, weighing approximately 8-12 oz, is perfect for grilling or pan-searing, delivering a luxurious taste with every bite.


1 - Tenderloin Filets: Savor the melt-in-your-mouth tenderness of our tenderloin filets. These 5-7 oz steaks are exceptionally juicy and perfect for special occasions or an elegant dinner.


1 - New York Strips: Experience the bold flavor of our New York strip steaks. Each steak, weighing approximately 6-10 oz, is ideal for grilling or pan-searing. Pair them with your favorite sides for a classic steakhouse meal.


1 - Sirloin Steaks: Versatile and flavorful, our sirloin steaks are approximately 1 - 1.5” thick, ensuring even cooking and optimal flavor. Perfect for grilling, slicing thinly, and serving in sandwiches or salads.


1 - Fajitas: Spice up your grill with our fajita cuts, perfect for creating sizzling fajitas. Marinate and grill these tender pieces for a delicious and easy meal, ready to wrap in tortillas with your favorite toppings.


2 - 1lb (4 patties each) Original Bison Patties: Our ground bison patties offer a versatile option for juicy, flavorful burgers. Perfect for grilling or pan-frying, these 1lb patties ensure a delicious and satisfying burger experience.


4 - 1lb Packages of Ground Bison: Elevate your culinary creations with our premium ground bison. Versatile and flavorful, our ground bison is perfect for burgers, meatballs, chili, and more.


*Orders need to be placed by 9 pm on Saturday in order to be shipped out on the following Monday.


**Unfortunately, we are only able to ship meat to the lower 48 states.

Rancher Bison Box - Steaks, Patties, Fajitas & Ground

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  • What if there isn't any dry ice in the cooler?

    What if the freezer packs are not frozen?

    All shipments are sent in Green Cell foam insulated cooler packaging with frozen packs. It is possible and quite common for the frozen packs to not be frozen still in the insulated cooler when your meats arrive. If this is the case you need not be concerned.

    As long as the product feels cool to the touch, the quality has not diminished. You may refreeze the product for up to 1 year if the product remains in the original Cryovac packaging. Or refrigerate the product for serving within 7 days.

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