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A Peek into the Quirky Life at Ponderosa Ranch

Welcome back, folks, to another adventure on the Ponderosa Ranch! Today, Dusty and the crew are facing a challenge of epic proportions—managing not one, but two bison herds, led by the formidable Big Joe and the resilient Dunbar. Join us as we dive into the world of bison wrangling, bison drives, and a whole lot of unexpected twists and turns.

Round 'Em Up: The Great Bison Cattle Drive

In the latest YouTube escapade, Dusty and the team embark on an old-fashioned cattle drive, using ATVs to guide the Dunbar and Big Joe herds towards the Ponderosa Barn. The goal? To avoid a showdown between the two powerful bulls. But, as we'll soon find out, it's not as simple as it sounds.

Bison Diplomacy: Keeping Big Joe and Dumbar Apart

Why all the commotion? It turns out Dunbar and Big Joe have a history. After a summer of territorial disputes, Dusty is on a mission to prevent a nose-to-nose confrontation. Using panels instead of fences, he plays the role of Dana White, trying to broker peace among these massive creatures.

Gate Cutting: Where Bison Choreography Meets Patience

Now, the real challenge begins. The team employs gate cutting to separate the bison they want to keep from those they aim to sell. It's a delicate dance of corralling, strategic gate openings, and a bit of good old-fashioned patience. Dusty's commentary, accompanied by Marisa and Cole's assistance, adds a touch of humor to the chaos.

A Lesson in Bison Health: Dunbar's Eye and Bison Nutrition

While rounding up the bison, Dusty takes a moment to update us on Dunbar's eye injury from the summer. The resilient bison received a shot of antibiotics, and now, after months

of recovery, we get a close-up look at the progress. We do our best to care for the bison and sometimes that requires additional help with the use of modern medicine.

The Grand Reunion: One Big Bison Family

With the gate cutting complete, it's time for the grand finale. Dusty releases the Dunbar and Hoss herd, along with Big Joe's crew, into a united front. The largest bison herd in Ponderosa history roams the pasture, and Dusty's dreams of a more manageable herd size are well on their way.

Oops! Bison Escape Artists Strike Again

But wait, the day wouldn't be complete without a bit of unpredictability. A gate left open, water running, and, oops, three bison slip away into the trap. It's a classic case of bison mischief that adds a dash of humor to the day's proceedings.

Conclusion: The Unpredictable Life of a Bison Rancher

As the sun sets on another day at Ponderosa Ranch, Dusty reflects on the challenges and triumphs of managing a growing bison herd. From bison cattle drives to gate cutting and the occasional escape, life on the ranch is never dull. Join us next time for more bison shenanigans and the ongoing saga of Dunbar, Big Joe, and the entire Ponderosa herd!


The Cross Timbers Bison Ranch Team

In case you missed the video, here is the link to check out!

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