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Wild Day on the Ponderosa!

Hey, y'all! We had a bison roundup on the Ponderosa, and let me tell you, it was a wild and exhilarating adventure. Buckle up and get ready for the play-by-play of our daring mission to move the mighty Dunbar herd.

Setting the Scene:

The sun was shining, the horses were neighing, and the excitement was palpable on the Ponderosa. Dusty, Cole, Marisa, Jerry, Matt, and Mark geared up for the Roundup Day. We had a plan in place: Dusty and Cole on the ATVs, while the rest of the crew mounted their trusty UTVs. The Dunbar herd awaited in the distance, and it was time to get this show on the road.

Strategy and Tactics:

Dusty laid out the game plan like a seasoned general. The Dunbar herd was grazing peacefully, but we needed to guide them through the Burn Unit, a designated area for wildlife habitat restoration. With horses and UTVs strategically positioned, it was time to execute the plan.

The Chase Begins:

As Dusty revved up the UTV, the herd's curiosity kicked in. The horses went one way, and the bison headed in the opposite direction. The chase was on! Dusty, armed with cubes to lure the bison, led the charge. Meanwhile, the horseback crew flanked the herd, ensuring they stayed on course.

Creek Crossings and Challenges:

Crossing a creek proved to be a moment of truth. The momentum slowed, and Dusty had to maintain the energy. The bison, being North America's largest wild animals, had minds of their own. With careful coordination, Dusty and the crew navigated the creek, keeping the herd focused and moving.

Strategic Maneuvers:

The team strategically positioned themselves to avoid scattering the herd. ATVs, horses, and skilled riders worked in harmony. Dusty's instructions echoed through the radios, ensuring everyone was on the same page. Gate openings, creek crossings, and coordinated moves – it was like a choreographed dance on the Ponderosa.

Mission Accomplished:

Through teamwork, determination, and a bit of cowboy magic, the Dunbar herd finally made it to their destination – the coveted 9 Acres. Dusty and the crew celebrated a successful roundup, knowing they'd played a crucial role in wildlife conservation and habitat restoration.


And there you have it, folks! Another day in the life with the Ponderosa crew. Bison were moved, habitat was preserved, and memories were made. Stay tuned for more adventures from the heart of the wild, right here on Cross Timers Bison. Until next time, happy trails and bison dreams!


The Cross Timbers Bison Ranch Team

In case you missed the video, here is the link to check out!

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1 Comment

Helen Daly
Helen Daly
Nov 18, 2023

Looking forward to the Video. I bet it was a really exciting roundup. Thanks for the story about it. Just love the Bison, Ranch and all the people that make it work.

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